Blueberry Breakfast Harmon Hill Farm

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Harmon Hill - Wholesale

Coinciding with our need to scale back on the number of cultivars in our vast collection we have offered our first wholesale plants in 2020 and 2021. These are primarily plants that have been here for a long time and simply grow faster than we can sell them. When I say they are older, it is all relative as our "older" plants are still considerably newer than most of the plants that you can find in box stores or local nurseries. And just because they are not brand new there is nothing wrong with them, we just have too many, so if someone is looking to start a business, looking for mass plantings, or you have a New England nursery that would like to have greater variety and also be able to buy local we should chat. Most wholesale prices run from $1.00 to $2.00 per fan or $2 to $4 for double fan plants. Order must total at least $250 plus actual shipping cost, and quantities per cultivar need to be at least 20 fans (10 double fans).

We will post a list and pricing soon. We need you to call and coordinate prior to ordering to assure availability. Carl Harmon (603) 880-6228